TTCG - Texas Sales & Use Tax Audit Defense

We will partner with our client and become a part of their tax team, helping them meet their sales tax needs. States have recently become more aggressive than ever in their audit assessments. Clients have specific taxpayer rights and we are committed that they are treated fairly and are given full consideration.

(I) Audit Representative - Upon request, we will be your tax representative, from the initial auditor contact until the completion of the audit. You will not need to allocate your valuable resources to the audit process which can be very expensive and time consuming. Save time, money and unnecessary headaches.

(II) Audit Defense - If a sales and use tax audit has already been completed resulting in an audit assessment (deficiency), we can challenge the audit results. We will insure that any sales taxes incorrectly assessed are eliminated or reduced

(III) Tax Recoveries - We can research your business industry and activities and find any tax overpayments. We will assist in recovering these tax credits through the refund process.

(IV) Hearings or Independent Audit Review Process - We will represent the client throughout the administrative appeals process. We will exercise all your taxpayer rights, including meeting with a third party, an independent audit reviewer (IAR).

(V) Tax Seminars, Training and Taxability Support - We can customize a sales tax training seminar to meet the specific needs of your company. We can be available for continuous support for tax inquiries from your staff.

(VI) Other Tax Consulting Services - Our tax services include all other state taxes, including but not limited to the new franchise tax - margins tax; oil & gas production tax; motor vehicle, fuels, etc. and enterprise zone participants job certifications.


Our company gives clients several fee options:

  1. Contingency Fee - The fee is an agreed percentage of the tax savings generated through reduction of audit liabilities or tax recoveries (refunds). If no tax, penalty or interest savings, no money is due.
  2. Fixed Fee - An agreed amount on the service provided, including tax seminars.
  3. Hourly Rate - Services are billed based on agreed hourly rate and actual hours worked, with not to exceed clauses.