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Welcome to Texas Tax Consulting Group - The Texas Sales and Use Tax Audit Defense Group!

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Our company specializes in sales and use tax audit representation and tax consulting services.

The constantly changing state tax laws, audit policies and procedures are complex and confusing to taxpayers. A sales and use tax audit can be a big burden on companies trying to run a profitable business. Many times these companies are forced to allocate a significant amount of their valuable resources to this task.

Make the right choice, contact us, The Sales And Use Tax Experts. The State does not want your company to pay a penny more in taxes then legally due and we demand it.

We have over 40 years of sales and use tax experience. Our expert services have resulted in millions of dollars reduced from audit assessments and tax refunds claimed. In some cases, 100% of the audit assessments were eliminated.

We serve the needs of all business industry types and sizes. No company is too small or too large.